If you have attic insulation in your Edmonton home that needs to be removed or replaced, count on the experts at Thermo Solutions Insulation (TSI).

Expert Removal, Replacement and Upgrading of Attic Insulation.

Insulation has an important role to play in the integrity of your home. This is not an area where one should be cutting corners. Insulation helps protect your home from extreme swings in temperature, reducing the cost of heating and cooling and keeping your family comfortable, whatever the weather outside. You know that in Edmonton, our weather can reach extremes of hot and cold, sometimes in the same day!

Insulation helps prolong the life of your shingles, reduces ice build up on the roof, absorbs sounds that could interrupt family life and helps make your home more resistant to fire, corrosion, mold and pests.

When insulation is compromised by age, mold, water or smoke, it threatens the safety and comfort of your family and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You may also find that a home you recently purchased has insufficient insulation for your needs and requires upgrading.

How it Works

TSI typically uses an industrial vacuum to remove loose insulation, including wood chips, blown-in fibreglass or cellulose. The vacuum is set up on the ground and a hose is run up to the attic. All collected materials are fed into industrial-sized waste bags for disposal at an appropriate facility. If your home has batt insulation, TSI can take care of it, too, however removing batt insulation requires different equipment and the removal is priced differently, as the batts can’t be easily sucked out with a vacuum. It can take several hours to completely remove all of the old insulation material, depending on ease of access to the attic, square footage of the house and type of insulation.

Considering DIY insulation removal and replacement? It is certainly possible to do the job on your own. Equipment and kits can be rented or purchased to both remove old insulation and install new spray foam or loose fill, although these rental machines don’t really compare to the professional grade equipment used by companies like TSI. TSI sales staff are happy to discuss this with you, offer advice and help you decide whether the hassle and time it takes to handle the job yourself is worth the savings over having your insulation removed and replaced professionally.

One note of caution about DIY insulation removal. Especially in older homes, insulation removal in Edmonton could mean encountering asbestos or toxic mold. Only trained professionals, with proper safety equipment, should attempt insulation removal in these circumstances. If mold or asbestos are suspected, the homeowner must inform TSI before any work is started. Special training and equipment are required to keep everyone safe and ensure the material is disposed of properly.

With the old insulation gone, the next question is, what do you replace it with? Depending on your budget, the size and desired R-value of your home, as well as personal preferences, there are many different types of insulation to choose from. TSI often recommends spray foam for the best energy efficiency, but you can discuss your options with the sales staff before making a final decision.

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