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Edmonton attic insulation

Blown In Insulation & Attic Insulation Edmonton Experts

Whether it’s new construction or improving your Edmonton home’s attic insulation, Thermo Solutions Insulation has you covered. An improperly insulated Edmonton attic can cost you problems and money. Our Edmonton attic insulation experts offer specialized insulation services including thermal imaging to assure you’ve made the right investment. Blown-in insulation in Edmonton is a market we take great pride in delivering quality backed service along with specialized experience in insulation and building science. Thermo SI are Edmonton’s insulation experts with the highest-quality insulation products.


Weathershield/Wallbar Insulation

  • High loose fill R-Value per inch.
  • Better air impedience aiding in over-all performance.
  • Eco-friendly 85% recycled material.


Insulsafe XC, Propink Insulation

  • Little to no sagging of product.
  • Does not absorb moisture.
  • Cost-effective R-Value solution for open attic areas and top-ups.


A weathershield for your walls, WallBAR is a cellulose fibre insulation used in typical wood-frame constructions and featuring a powdered adhesive for superior performance. Wallbar is most effective when the wall to be insulated uses a polyethylene vapour barrier on the inside, and appropriate sheathing material on the outside.


WallBAR is injected into wall cavities by blown in installation specialists using specialized methods and materials. First, a woven fabric netting (WallNET) is stapled to the studs to hold the insulation in. The WallBAR insulation is then blown into place, filling the wall cavities to their necessary capacity. Once the insulation is in place, the vapour barrier is installed over top to finish the installation.

Sloped and cathedral ceiling installations are installed in a similar fashion as walls, although ventilation systems are also accounted for. During these installations, the insulation is always dry-blown, and larger cavities (more than 3m) need to be blown in stages.


InsulSafe XC is a fibreglass based blown thermal and acoustic insulation system used in both residential and commercial settings. Non-combustible, non-corrosive, and odour free, InsulSafe XC is designed for long lasting reliability and performance. This loose fill fibreglass blown-in insulation for Edmonton businesses and residences refuses to settle, rot, decay, or retain moisture. Additionally, it contains no chemicals that may contribute to mildew, and contains zero asbestos, and provides no sustenance for vermin.


InsulSafe XC was formulated specifically for pneumatic application in both residential and commercial constructions settings. It is suitable for use in open attics, other horizontal surfaces, and sloped ceilings.


An advanced formulation of Owen Coming’s traditional blown fibreglass product, PROPINK uses a specialized process for forming fibres. This unbonded Canadian insulation features significantly improved thermal performance, including:

  • More R-value coverage.
  • Reduced thickness requirements.
  • More productive, higher quality product.


PROPINK’s latest formulation represents a significant step forward in terms of efficiency for the PROPINK line of products, while still maintaining the ease of use and simple application. Although a small increase in air application may be required, changes to blowing machine set-up procedures are minimal, allowing for quick and easy installation with existing assets.