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Thermo Solutions Insulation offers 1/2 lb and 2 lb spray foam insulation solutions to Edmonton and surrounding area. From slabs to attics, walls, joists, and cantilevers. Our products will outperform your expectations. Spray foam solutions have proven to deliver higher performance than traditional insulation products. Insulate your investment, reduce energy costs, and show environmental leadership. When it comes to spray foam insulation we choose proven performance. Our products have an excellent health and safety record. Ask us about our other available products for industrial and specialty projects.

1/2 lb

Water-blown light density, open cell

  • High expansion allows effective cavity sealing and reduced cost
  • Superior sound control and stable thermal performance
  • Effective air barrier properties improves indoor air quality

2 lb

Medium density, closed cell

  • Delivers high R value with air and vapour barrier performance
  • Increases structural integrity for home/commercial buildings
  • Superior moisture control and improves indoor air quality


  • High expansion, 100% water-blown polyurethane spray foam for air-sealing and insulating buildings
  • Insulates and air seals using only one product for maximum energy savings while minimizing environmental impact
  • Significantly reduces air leakage, contributes to a healthier, quieter and more comfortable indoor environment, while reducing energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50%
  • Is an effective vapour permeable air barrier material that remains flexible.


1/2 lb is applied by spraying pressurized, heated, and mixed liquid components onto a suitable construction surface. It then expands approximately 100:1 in seconds to provide a flexible foam blanket of millions of tiny air cells, filling building cavities, cracks and crevices in the process. It adheres to most construction materials, insulating and sealing out air infiltration.


1/2 lb is water vapour permeable which allows moisture to diffuse through the insulation in Edmonton climates and dissipate from the building envelope.

For a complete technical data specifications sheet of our products please contact us.


  • 2.0 lb/ft3 nominal density, closed cell insulation, air and vapour barrier material
  • Insulates, air seals, and provides vapour barrier at the same time – offering a superior solution to your buildings envelope needs
  • Results in superior quality construction process
  • 2 lb spray foam is an envelope system (not just insulation)
  • Experience higher comfort levels and lower heating and cooling costs


2 lb spray foam is applied by spraying pressurized, heated, and mixed liquid components onto a suitable construction surface. It expands in seconds to form a solid barrier including millions of tiny closed cells, filling cavities and sealing cracks and crevices. It adheres to most surfaces.  Winter application may require heat.  Some preparatory work may be required.


2 lb is an approved vapour barrier product, which reduces the amount of moisture that can diffuse through the insulation. Jurisdictional requirements may require poly to specific structural components that cannot be sprayed.

For a complete technical data specification sheet of our products please contact us.